Bonnell Specification Builder

How to build a specification.

The Specification Configurator allows you to create and customize specifications based on Bonnell Industries Equipment.

Cover Sheet

How to Create a Cover Sheet

Click the below link to fill out the cover sheet form. You can choose to fill out any of the fields as necessary. The cover sheet title will be used to name your file. Once you save the cover sheet you can go back and edit it. The cover sheet is optional.

Create Cover Sheet


How to Create a Product Specification

Select a product from the Select Product menu. Choose a category for a list of products within that category. Clicking the product will list the product options. Select the product options and click the 'Accept Options' button. You'll then be able to edit the product specification and save it for output. Once the product specification is saved you can add another product. The products will be output in the order you save them.