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NNR Series Tub Body (NNR)

Select the product options below. Once you have the options selected click the 'Accept Options' button at the bottom of the form. The following screen will take you to the specification file which you can edit before downloading.

General Commander Specification NNR General Commander Specification
Commander Length Commander Length
Commander Material Commander Material
Hoist/Rear Hinge/Trunnion Double Acting Trunion Cylinder Single Acting Trunion Cylinder None Required
Top Screens Standard Top Screens (CARBON STEEL) Standard Top Screens (304 STAINLESS) Heavy Duty Top Screens (CARBON STEEL) Extra Heavy Duty Top Screens (CARBON STEEL) No Top Screens
Long Sill Riser No LongSill Riser 2" Longsill Riser
Finish Non-Painted Stainless Steel Prime only Yellow PPG DTM Bonnell Orange Gloss Black Single Stage / One Color Base Coat / Clear Coat / One Color
Prewet Tank Platforms/Brackets Weld-on style fender, sloped, full length, for prewet tanks Bolt-on style fender, sloped, tank length, for prewet tanks Not Required
Corner Post Light Accommodations No Light Holes in Corner Posts One Oblong Hole In Each Corner Post One 700 Series Whelen Light Box in Each Corner Post Two Oblong Light Holes in Each Corner Post Two 700 Series Whelen Light Boxes in Each Corner Post Three Oblong Light Holes in Each Corner Post Three 700 Series Whelen Light Fixtures in Each Corner Post
Commander Ladder No Ladder Required Folding Ladder, Stainless Steel
Spill Pan Not Required Spill Pan
Side boards Not Required Carbon Steel Side Boards 201 Stainless Side Boards 304 Stainless Side Boards Oak Hardwood
Other Installed Options Front Corner Marker Light Brackets Vibrator Rear Mudflap Brackets Tailgate Modification for Tarp Protection

Please double check all options before proceding. Accepting the options will create a specification to edit. If you are editing the options, it will overwrite any previously saved specification.